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My name is Bianca and I am from South Africa. I relocated to California to study Visual Communications at FIDM. I quickly recognized the link between Visual Communications and Social Media as a powerful medium of communication and change. Intuitively understanding the visual impact of community built on shared cultural experiences, influences and relationships, I fell in love with the emerging language of branding, social media and web design. Partnering my passion for growing and launching small businesses and a social media driven community with my desire to develop and grow individuals in their gifts and talents, Bianca Creates was born.

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I appreciate how proactive Bianca is about seeking new opportunities and letting me know new ideas for our projects. She doesn’t just react, she takes a proactive role in helping guide the direction and outcome. This is great for me, as I know I can trust her to always be seeking new avenues of success in the arenas she’s fluent in. I can rely on her to really take ownership over her role in a project. She truly cares about the success of her clients’ businesses as much as they do!
— Jen Hood (Hoodzpah Design)

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