5 Things You Need To Think About Before Signing Up For Social Media


Social media is a doorway to the world. I know many of you can agree. We see so much and find so much online. So why not jump onto social media and get selling or start building your brand?. There are a few reasons I discuss below to take into consideration before diving in. 

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What is my goal?

When you sign up for social media there is a reason you are doing this? Having a goal in mind gives you a reason to do something. The definition of the word ‘goal’ given by dictionary.com is “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.” You need to ask yourself why? Why are you signing up for social media? What is your end goal? Here are a few goals to help you with your decision;

Brand awareness
Are you wanting to bring awareness to your product or service? Make it known and seen by your audience.

This would be attracting likes, comments and followers on your social media. This can be done through your pictures and conversations.

Traffic to your website
Driving your audience from you social media channels directly to your website. There are a few ways to do this. This would depend on which social media platform you are using. 

Are you specifically wanting to generate sales? Know this, that this would be the ultimate goal. All of the above goals; brand awareness, engagement and traffic to your website should help you achieve this. 


Who is my audience?

This one is fun! It can seem daunting but you should already have some kind of idea who your target market is. On social media you’re going to want to know where your audience is and what they are currently following, so you can target those same places to grab their attention. There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about this. I have some more information down below. Let’s get through a few more things in order for this to make sense to you. 


What platform is my audience on?

This is key! Many people think they need to be on every social media platform. Let me give you a little sigh of relief, you don’t. What you do need to do is pick one and own it. If you sign up for every social media platform you will spread yourself too thin, have to double the content and/ or waste more time scheduling things that don’t really get seen.

With that being said, many clients ask me, “well can I sign up to own my name on that channel?” Yes absolutely you can and maybe leave something up to direct them back to the social media channel you are currently using or to your website. Now as your one social media channel grows this opens up for more opportunity. Let’s say you’re on Instagram and it’s doing well with engagement and followers. You post a video, receive a lot of views and not only does your audience like it but they are requesting more and longer videos. Then I would suggest starting a YouTube Channel. Let your audience help decide what’s next. Remember to focus on one social media channel and get that channel going. There is A LOT to learn about each social media channel and how to grow your audience.

Well, which social media channel is right for you? Social Media today shares their Top Social Network Demographics statistics with us via an infographic. As you can see this is how they rank:

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

You have to take into consideration the generalization of these statistics. This is overall use; meaning this is every user on each channel (you, me, mom, grandmother etc etc.)  What I want you to know is where is YOUR audience sitting? 

Remember above when we were talking about how to grab your audience's attention? You’re going to want to know where your audience is and what they are currently following, so you can target them. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when figuring these out. These questions have helped me while working with previous companies and creating a brand story for them to carry throughout their social media channels. 


What is my audience liking/ engaging with? 

This could be based on imagery. The kinds of pictures they are liking and commenting on. There are a lot of trends that come and go on social media. Trends like the way pictures are taken e.g flat lays, the tones used to edit photos, what places are trending and many more. You will see a lot of common photography happening when you research a little. Trends will start making sense to you and you will know which ones you can use to encourage your social media growth. 


Who are they following and where are they engaging?

This will help when you take a look at your competitors. What they are doing for their posts and what posts are getting the most engagement. Now, I’m not telling you to copy them but to get ideas from them. Take what you see and make it your own. This will help until you find your own voice on social media. Your audience will eventually start helping you define your voice by commenting on which posts they like and / or requesting things to see. 

Last but not least, 


Do I have content?

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! I cannot express how much this will do wonders for your social media posts and scheduling! You have probably heard the term CONTENT IS KING! I believe this saying still stands true. I have worked with many startups and the one thing I stress to them while I am planning their social media strategy and/or building their website, is to start producing content. Whatever that content is; written, visual, video, and/or product. This is what will help you grow your social media channel quickly and help you with timing.

Social media is a job in itself. If you have not planned your social media this can take you away from other important things from your business. This last point sounds silly but is true.


Do I have enough time? 

Well, do you have enough content? If you have time but not too much time or social media is not what you want to concentrate on, then produce content. You don’t need a lot of time to schedule your social media but you need more time to produce content. What you put into your business you will get out. When it comes to social media, it can either be a drag or it can be fun and time flies when you’re having fun. Make sure you schedule enough time during the week for social media. I would put a minimum of an hour aside each day for social media. If you’re looking to create content, that one hour minimum could change depending on the content you’re creating. 

Social media is a perfect idiom;  you may think it might not benefit you in some parts of your business (like the time you don’t have) but it’s definitely needed if you want to grow the success of your business


Of all that I have listed above, which is most tricky for you and why? Comment below and let me know. I would love to know where you need help and if I can elaborate on anything more.