Our web development and creative studio specializes in Squarespace as the preferred platform for web design.

We understand that your website is the centerpiece of your brand and marketing.
A place to build a relationship with your prospects and for your customers to return to for help.
Through your site, we help you share your brand story with the world.

In everything we do, we aim to keep it simple.
We’ve always believed in removing the excess to create something simple that stands out.

Whether it’s a personal brand or a business, we have tools that can help you.


meet the



Bianca Dike

Founder, Web Design

Bianca has an intuitive understanding of the visual impact of community built on shared cultural experiences, influences and relationships. Bianca offers small business owners and self-employed professionals goal-oriented creative direction that gives a compelling voice to their story and brand. With a degree in Visual Communications from FIDM, Bianca discovered the link between Visual Communications and the language of Web Design and Social Media as a powerful medium of communication and change. She specializes in Squarespace as her preferred platform for web design and blogging. Her inspirations come from meeting new people and exploring new places.

Maryam Siahatgar

Maryam Siahatgar

Branding & Graphic Design

Passionate, intuitive and a visionary, Maryam has conceptualized and executed brands for several businesses and is recognized for her success in delivering fully integrated branding experiences. With over 10 years of experience, she believes great design starts with values, a creative mind, and a heart that is ready to connect. Outside the office, you may find her traveling, zenned out on yoga, and exploring the best local restaurants. Her influences are nature, bright colors, clean design, and the belief that “less is more.”  Maryam holds a BFA in Visual Communications from California State Long Beach.


Daniel Midson-Short

Content Writer

A professional speaker and writer, Daniel is obsessed with new ideas and how they shape the world around us. After 15 years of working with executives and teams to help them improve their communication skills, Daniel began speaking at conferences and events on topics such as content marketing, connecting in the digital age, and how technology is changing who we are.

His experience as a consultant to large companies has helped him shape his skills as a writer. He works to create a unique voice and message for each client we work with. Sit with him for an hour and he will help you define what you do, why you do it, and how it can impact your clients and customers. His personal tagline is ‘words work’. He can help you make them work for you.