Bianca was such an encouragement to me when my business was in its infancy. Her marketing ideas and direction helped me create branding that was consistent and focused. Even today, her watchful eye on my social media has me pivoting and aligning to being a stronger company and increasing sales

Alison Hans

Living Zesty

Andrew Marty 

The Travel Hub

I spent a lot of time looking into various website options for The Travel Hub. From people suggesting confusing coding options, through to a plug-and-play template. With my limited background in web-design, the information and options around designing the back-end of a website can be mind-boggling. 

Through several Skype conversations with Bianca, we were able to map out a detailed plan of where the website would start, how it would progress and planning for growth in the future. The end result was a combination between my initial vision of the site, Bianca’s guidance and how the project naturally evolved. I found working with Bianca provided the perfect balance of structure and flexibility to create a product that I am not only proud of, but also have a working understanding.

Whether you are looking to create a personal blog or a more detailed website, Bianca has the creativity and skills-set to guide you from the time you purchase the domain name, through to your page going live and then ongoing technical support.

I had been trying for two years to complete my website and was overwhelmed and frustrated by the process. In a matter of weeks Bianca had my website live, complete with content and visuals that I love! She established an easy process to something that had become a burden to me. She knew the right questions to ask and was so encouraging to me, giving fresh enthusiasm to my dream. It really makes a difference to be working with someone that believes in your vision as much as you do! I'm so glad I chose to collaborate with Bianca and 10/10 would recommend! 


The Gather Effect


Sudara Goods

When it comes to thinking through the voice and essence of a brand, Bianca brings something truly unique. Her eye for visual composition, understanding of messaging, and background in fashion and design all combine in such a way that consistently elevates whatever she’s working on. Her insight and desire to produce meaningful content is so critical in a time where so many companies, organizations and individuals are scrambling to find their voice in the social feed.

Bianca took my dream and gave it life. Her ability to understand and bring clarity to my vision is unique and God inspired. Bianca spoke truth to me about my dream and vision which was an incredible encouragement for me. After my first meeting with her I knew she had a very unique ability to keep me moving forward. She walked me through the steps of using social media as a tool to reach my target audience. She responds to questions and is always available to meet to discuss more details. My vision for For Real Life was just a dream until Bianca gave me the courage to take the next step. Now she's building my website too. Thank you Bianca.


For Real Life



I'm so glad I found Bianca to work with us on my website and social media marketing. It's so comforting to work with someone that understands what you're trying to achieve. Bianca is conscientious about producing timely and effective results for our intended purposes. She has been a valuable team player and is a no-nonsense performer and producer of what she commits to. I am glad to have been able to work with her because of her skills and I look forward to continue working with her and refer others because of her outstanding commitment to her clients.

I am so happy to be working with Bianca. She has exceeded my level of expectation. I wanted someone to take over my sports nutrition account and reveal its brand story and create more engagement and followers and Bianca has gone far and beyond to make that happen. I feel less stressed since handing it over to her. She is on it. I don’t have to check up to make sure things are going smoothly. She is organized and smart and has lots of good feedback on building our brand further. 


Sia Brands


Flyte Sport

When it comes to social media, Bianca brings so much to the table for us here at FLYTE. She is up-to-date on all the latest trends, making sure we don’t lose relevance in the social media sphere. During team meetings, her creativity allows us to think outside-the-box when it comes to growing the brand. But perhaps the most important quality Bianca displays is her ability to take ownership of the brand and execute. We don’t have to worry about missed deadlines, late submissions, or lack of engagement. Ideate. Create. Execute. That’s what Bianca’s all about.